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16-Jul-2016 19:58

Interestingly, starting birth control mid-relationship did not affect satisfaction.

The researchers speculate women who married a less attractive man and then stopped the pill might become more interested in more physically attractive men, and as a result, be disappointed by her husband.“These findings suggest that HC [hormonal contraceptives] use may have unintended implications for women's close relationships,” the researchers wrote.

The first noticeable observation when abstaining from masturbation was that I was definitely more horny.

However, I believe that having that feeling of pent up sexual tension helped me to approach and talk to more women, as well as be more sexual around them.

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Obviously, abstaining from masturbation is the more difficult of the two tasks, however, with a little will power I managed to pull off a week of no ejaculating here and there, enough to make some general observations about my behavior as it relates to the dating world.

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