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05-Nov-2016 09:28

Some prospective employees may be credit challenged and unable to qualify for an institution to have their wages directly deposited.

Employers who do use the direct deposit method of paying wages should be aware that doing so doesn´t change the strict deadlines for paying an employee´s final wages upon termination.

CAI’s Advice and Counsel Team answers several questions from members daily.

All UNC Charlotte employees who are receiving their pay by paper check shall be required to enroll in direct deposit by entering their direct deposit information into Banner Self-Service or by completing and submitting the Direct Deposit Enrollment and Change Form to Payroll prior to June 1, 2009. The law allows wages or final compensation to be paid in lawful money of the United States (which includes cash) or by check, redeemable upon demand and without discount at a bank or other financial institution, or by deposit of funds in an account in a bank or other financial institution designated by the employee. If you elect to submit a claim form to the Department, the Department will commence an investigation into your claim.