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Welcomed to the centre by a group of elders, all of whom live in the local area, guests are welcomed in true Kikuyu style, with an invitation to drink from a horn filled with Muratina, a locally brewed drink.

There is a tour of a traditionally built hut with an explanation of how the traditional society operated.

Riuki Cultural Centre is located not far outside of Nairobi, in the Kikuyu Heartland of Kiambu. Kinuthia Njoroge, who wanted to build a traditional Kikuyu village homestead to show local children the history and customs of their community.

The Kikuyu are the largest community in Kenya, and have always played a central role in the development of the independent Nation.

This is because we believe that it is important to know who you are letting into the family and have a successful relationship with them.

First, my father and his elder brothers and their wives visited my husband-to-be's parents and uncles and aunts on a set date. After socializing and getting to know everyone, our fathers and then our uncles made sure that we were engaged to each other of our own free will out of love, in front of everyone.

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